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Virtual reality creates enormous potential for teaching learning content in the classroom that was previously unknown and unimaginable to students*. These are now "tangible".

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The learning success
is guaranteed
with this technology

The VRScience Lerntechnologie offers a pioneering technology for use in German schools. The ground-breaking 3D technology inspires students of all ages and enables learning with multiple senses, in connection with emotions and motivation. Learning success is guaranteed with this technology!

The company VRScience Lerntechnologie offers a bridge between traditional and digital learning. As a contact for all areas, it represents an interface between the procurement and provision of the hardware and software and the continuous support at the school. The company takes care of all issues and thus offers an all-in-one package for school principals.

The company brings together experts from the best hardware and software companies in the world to bring virtual reality to German schools. Ready-made VR learning sequences, developed by experienced teachers, make the lessons more versatile and lively for the students.

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What makes the VRScience Lerntechnologie
unique on the market?

Trendsetting immersive, interactive forward-looking learning technology with 3D technology.

Higher learning effects

...through visualization of complex, unimaginable content, coupling with emotions, multisensory learning and action orientation.

Proximity to practice

...comprehensive, school-wide coverage of educational plans and content.

Plug & Play easy integration of the immediately applicable learning sequences into existing teaching concepts.

The future of learning

In addition to delivering the hardware and software, we naturally also provide training, professional development and technical support. You and your teachers will always have a personal contact person. The handling of the glasses and the use of the software are possible without prior knowledge.

"With didactically and medially high-quality processed units, there is also the possibility of individual learning, in that the learning speed can be chosen. In addition, learning content can be grasped - in the truest sense of the word - through the use of controllers. As a school, we are in a digital awakening phase and would like to make our contribution to the development of this future field by providing didactic assistance in the creation of VR media."

Peter Kindermann
Headmaster of the Sophienschule Hannover

How can VRScience Lerntechnologie be realized at the school?

The company VRScience Lerntechnologie is the contact for all matters: from procurement and application to realization and continuous support. The main areas are:

  • Support with the procurement
  • Provision of hardware and software
  • Taking over the training of the teachers and support of the hard- and software
To all headmasters


Learning sequences are developed and offered for the following subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, German, Geography/Geology History, Art, Music, French, Computer Science, Social Studies, Spanish.
We first develop VR learning sequences for middle schools/secondary schools, comprehensive schools and high schools
The Digital Pact provides €5.5 billion for digitization. As long as the budget is not exhausted, 90% funding is available for eligible concepts. The own contribution (school/school authority) is therefore only 10% of the total amount.
We support you with all applications and of course with the necessary media development plan. A specially developed assistance program supports you considerably with all questions and provides formulations and answers around our VR learning concept.
Each VR learning sequence is developed by us specifically for the classroom based on the requirements of the teaching and educational curricula of educators with the 2nd state exam. Competitors offer only generic, off-the-shelf videos on various topics. These videos are also not funded by the Digitalpact, are not developed according to the curriculum requirements and must be 100% self-financed.
In addition to developing the VR learning sequences of pilot schools and their subject teachers with the 2nd state examination, which thus comply with the educational plans, we also supply top VR headsets and offer a complete training and further education concept including support. We also accompany the application process and simplify it considerably for schools and school boards by means of a specially developed application wizard.
We are working with 4 pilot schools and over 100 educators across Germany to define the key topics in 14 subjects. The content is first worked out in analog by the respective subject educators and then converted into virtual learning programs by our team of developers. All subject teachers are networked with each other nationwide and mutually check the developed VR learning sequences so that errors and inaccuracies can be ruled out. We have developed our own "EOS" software for the professional exchange of staff.
Each VR learning sequence is accompanied by an explanatory video, so that teachers immediately have the necessary information and can get started. In addition, training is offered via Zoom, daily support. The support can be covered by phone, video call, webinar, email or even personal on-site service. Teachers can therefore rely on a service that can answer all their questions regarding the hardware and software. In addition, explanatory videos are also created and / or training courses offered for updates to the VR headsets. The same applies to further developments of the software, i.e. our VR learning sequences.
We will be happy to make you an individual offer. Let us surprise you - thanks to the 90% funding from the Digitalpact, you will receive our learning concept almost free of charge.
At the end of each VR learning sequence, small tasks have been integrated that test what the students have learned. Thus, the students get immediate feedback, which makes their learning successes clearly visible.

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