Our stand-alone-system

Experiences relevant to everyday life

Digital technology with virtual reality is the future not only in school education, but also in many other areas of the workplace, such as pilot training.

Encouraging the urge to explore

The use of our VR technology with the corresponding VR learning sequences is not only intended to promote skills, it has been proven to increase students' motivation to learn.

Penetrating learning material

The learning effects are taken to a completely different level; for example, students take in the planetary system or the view into the human body with completely different aha effects and emotions.

Customized software

We see ourselves as a software company and not a hardware company. Our goal is to make the state's educational plans in VR practical for you.

The practical relevance through VR enables the deepening of the subject matter.

The corona pandemic showed us the deficits. Neither the government nor the health care system was prepared for it. Of course, neither was the school system. Digital learning content will also help to react faster to such events in the future. The virtual classroom is not far away, we are just a small step away from it.


Homeschooling is also becoming more versatile with VR technology. Teachers can access many different media and deepen the topics with the students in a playful (digital) way.

Our VR learning technology is interactive and represents the future of learning

However, the implementation of the many digital learning contents is also a process that naturally cannot be fulfilled 100% right from the start. Mutual feedback from teachers and VRScience Lerntechnologie GmbH is necessary. In addition, precise observations of the students and their reactions to the technology and the individual topics should be incorporated into the further programming of the topics. In this way, it can be quickly ensured what can be improved in the future or what should be given special attention.

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